a short little c-nt that has a napoleon complex. this guy will c-ck block and not seal the deal just to be a tool.
me: hey did you see that guy ted cucciaing it up at the club last night.

friend: yeah someone should shoot that guy for wasting all that talent.

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  • sticky boomerang

    sticky boomerang: after you -j-c-l-t- on your partner and they just keep coming back for more. yeah so i came all over her and was expecting her to leave, but she just kept coming back for more. she’s a real sticky boomerang.

  • trench froth

    the build up of foamy juices that get squeegeed to the bottom of your d-ck during good s-x. also known as s-x foam. she had all kind of trench froth when i was do e with her.

  • i wouldnt take a sh*t there

    a phrase to designate a place so worthless and disgusting that taking a sh-t there would cl-ss it up. benny: hey! let’s go to alvin’s for some beers and food! earl: alvin’s sucks! i wouldn’t take a sh-t there!

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