a older female with a nasty att-tude and walks like a hunch back
i like them old, red, and c-ntched.

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  • mainstreaming

    the act of a vampire trying to fit in with human society, such as drinking synthetic blood while being able to be around the human population. refraining from feeding from humans while in social situations. while at fangtasia, bill told pam he hadn’t been around much, as he had been mainstreaming. (characters from true blood)


    the most highly recognised alb-m by the group neutral milk hotel. its alb-m artwork is somewhat an internet meme. itaots stands for the alb-m’s t-tle: in the aeroplane over the sea. guy 1: dude! i found this really odd and obscure alb-m! it’s called in the aeroplane- guy 2: itaots? i love you jesus chrriiiisst.

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    a pre-emptive p-ss taken prior to entering a situation where you may not be able to go to the bathroom (e.g. a meeting, road trip, concert, etc…). “c’mon, we have a long ride ahead of us. let’s go!” “hold up. i need to take a maintenance p-ss before we ride.”

  • Jake Grant

    a modern day g-d, with multiple talents and traffic stopping good looks, also known as that hot kid over there girl 1: omg hes fit, i’d tap that girl 2: h-ll yeah thats jake grant

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