when you are a c-nt and are forced to join the c-nt army.
he was c-ntscripted.

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  • two finger cheese platter

    when after s-x and a man creampies a lady; she then scoops out the man batter and licks it off her two fingers after love making with her man; samantha sits down to a nice two finger cheese platter.

  • hanc*ck county

    a county in south eastern mississippi filled with the most strange people on earth , a mixture between rednecks, blacks, and white trash. hey y’all wanna go to the hanc-ck county walmart?

  • tip n drip

    action taken when you realize you forgot your towel but you’re already in the shower. tipping and dripping involves exiting the shower while dripping wet and tip-toeing to get a towel from wherever your towels are while trying to get as little water on the floor as possible. used especially when no one is around […]

  • choochkins

    a word for b-tt ow! you hit my choochkins

  • boot goofin

    verb: to have fun or be generally excited while wearing your boots. not to be confused with regular goofin’; which can be done without wearing your boots. “look at megan having fun out there on the dance floor in her boots. she’s boot goofin’”

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