acronym for concealed weapons permit.
“the cops came, and i was packin’ heat, yo.”
“oh, snap, son. did they take you down?”
“nah. i renewed my cwp last moth, cuz.”
c stands for crazy, w stands for white, and p stands for people…. this is a video that involves crazy stunts and all sorts of sh-t
comes from the pseudonym of carnie wilsons p-ssy, can be use’d as a derogtory term.
you < cwp, cwp pwns you... you eat cwp acronym for the former fat -ss carnie wilson's p-ssy. has it's origins in a playboy spread she did in which she stated her excitement at being able to see her own v-g-n-. uses: colorful way to call someone fat, ugly, repulsive, stupid, or any other creative combination of the above. your mom's genitals smell like cwp. yo, i'm hungry. i'm bout to eat this happy meal like cwp!!

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