either when you dab whilst holding alcohol or to say how addicted to dabbing someone is.
d-mn that tommy don’t stop dabbing! he a dabaholic!
“a lil dab’l do ya!”

similar to an alcoholic, but for weed. a dabaholic is known for taking dabs 24/7 and still being able to function. dabs are a thc concentrate made with butane or alcohol. the phrase “we just tryin to fuction” resonates with dabaholics everywhere. true dabholics prefer shatter over other types of bho, because they know, that’s the only way to dab.

its not the healthiest way to smoke, but you get really high every time. make sure you know who the f-ck made your oil, so you dont get poisoned.
dab man – “if you don’t got the shatter, the rest don’t matter.”
2- “shut the f-ck up, your just a dabaholic”
dab man – “more dabs!”
person 2 – ‘shakes head and shrugs, there’s nothing they can do about it, hes a f-cking dabaholic’

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