darry is short for darrel, he is an amazing greaser from the best book/movie called the outsiders. darry curtis has two brothers named sodapop and ponyboy. the only thing that keeps him from being a soc is his gang of sodapop curtis, ponyboy curtis, two-bit matthews, steve randall, and dally winston that he cares so much about. overall, he is an amazing and loyall greaser.
hey, darry! whats up man? lets go kick those soc’s b-tts!
darry is the paring draco malfoy and harry potter from the extreamly popular series: harry potter.
lets read some darry fan fiction!

lets read some darry doujinshi!
a black, silly man/s-xy god
haha, that’s a funny joke! you’re such a darry!

oh, man, that s-x was really good! you’re a natural darry!
a derrivitive of the word “darrylick” which means a stupid person. aka a idiot.
cosgrove, your being a darryl, get up so we can go surf

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