slang for that’s the stuff. expression that expresses happiness in a result
biggie: man, i just blew up a pidgeon with a stick a dynamite

patrick: dasastuff

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  • One-Handed Batman

    a more aggressive, inverted version of the spocker, delivered backhand. my wife was getting a little rowdy last night so i gave her the one-handed batman.

  • Banter MPH

    a measurement that describes miles per hour covered in the terms of banter. “we are travelling at banter mph!!!!!!!!” “why?” “umm…”

  • ass spoiler

    where someone sh-ts in another person’s -sshole. see also ground beef i gave her an -ss spoiler last night.

  • orw

    “our reaction when” orw we taught drowzee psychic in anarchy and kept confusion (queue animated gif)

  • ass tax

    slang for getting a little. usually used in boasting form amongst friends. “you tapped that yet?” “naw, but i am going to levy an -ss tax on her tonight.” i am going to levy an -ss tax on that hottie in the corner. 2 more definitions the price levied upon a girlfriend/boyfriend with whom you […]

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