in the act of being annoyed by something or someone
your mad daysherm for hitting me

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  • fridge b*n*r

    when your d-ck is cold but it strangely gets hard oh sh-t another fridge b-n-r in church

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    something that turkish parents say constantly to motivate their kids to do their bests at school. (literally means: read, and become a man) (really means: do your best at school and become a big and important person like a doctor, lawyer, judge, etc.) they say it so often that it’s annoying. mom: oku, adam ol. […]

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  • taut law

    1. a rule or law defining a persons’ use of redundant phrasing or wording; 2. (of) forming a contradictory concept that occurs preconsciously before syntax doug: …my life just sucks now–without marge in my life, i am lost may: well you know what doug, it is what it is doug: wow, i’m lucky you’re here […]

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    someone who has the worlds smallest p-n-s and no girlfriends wow, that guy is suck a vishudan

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