Death Bucky

a synonym for ‘rohypnol’ (the date-rape drug).
synonymous with date-rape, death bucky is a ‘slow-down’ drug that has a similar effect to alcohol on the minds’ functioning. it also delays the transmittance of messages from the brain to the muscles, thus making the user weaker. it has been used by ravers in the late 80’s and early nineties, and more recently, has been used to ‘spike’ unattended drinks of females (or sometimes males) on a night out. it slows down the mind to the point that the person barely knows they are gettign raped until after the effects have worn off.
one such case has recently opened in bedfordshire where a woman in her late teens was s-xually -ssaulted by a man in his teens with curly blond hair and using death bucky to subdue her. cctv footage shown to the public showed the man escaping wearing a white t shirt with a yellow stain down one side, possibly caused by vomit.

according to party goers, the drug is extracted from ‘the spleen of a wild unicorn using a graduated pipette’. such claims have never been established.
i cant believe that guy had s-x with her, he mustve used death bucky on her otherwise she wouldve rejected him

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