debt diet

you are officially on a debt diet when you repitdly use phrase “given the state of the economy….” or even simpler “i can’t go out, i’m f-ck-ng broke.”

your budget constrains you to the essentials: gas, food, weed. you have even backed off the dollar menu, because lets face it, even chicken nuggets are $1.19 at wendy’s now, and they charge for extra bbq sauce.

you have been reduced to eating salad, cold cuts and cereal, and live for free bagel monday’s at work.

cigs? forget it, you look for 2nd hand smoke.

you break down everything you do into dollar and cents.
“hey lets go downtown tonight for drinks”

“what are you nuts!? 5 bucks a beer and 2.70 for a gallon of gas.”
“i thought you were losing weight, i didnt know it was because of a debt diet!”

“i totally even forgot that it was tuesday, no pizza for me tho, i’m spending as little as possible
i’m on debt diet”

“i haven’t eaten solids in 2 weeks”
“thats terrible for you, why”
“f-ck the south beach diet…i’m on the debt diet…cup of noodles b-tch”

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