defecult’s pendulum

function: noun

etymology: play on the famously abstruse novel foucault’s pendulum by umberto eco and its t-tle’s source, jean bernard leon foucault’s pendulum, a simple pendulum suspended from a long wire and set into motion along a meridian. the plane of motion appears to turn clockwise in the northern hemisphere and counterclockwise in the southern hemisphere, demonstrating the axial rotation of the earth.

1. the moment of not knowing if p–ps are dangling or not after a sphincter-numbing bowl movement 2. confusion when the whirl of toilet flush sn-tches a still-dangling p–p from one’s -n-l. see also: defecult.
(bob exits the bathroom)
sally: how’d it go in there? defecult?
bob: g-d, no. it was even worse this time… more like defecult’s pendulum.

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