before Christ.
Real Estate. air conditioning.
Electricity. alternating current.
Army Corps.
Athletic Club.
(in prescriptions) before meals.
Real Estate. air conditioning.
Electricity. alternating current.
Contemporary Examples

For instance, in 2009, when he was “loaned” by the Galaxy to A.C. Milan.
Is Beckham Leaving L.A.? Allen Barra November 6, 2011

Having former L.A. Laker (and self-professed 38-year-old virgin) A.C. Green in to speak will set you back $5,000 to $10,000.
God vs. The Saints Bryan Allain February 5, 2010

(in prescriptions) ante cibum
Latin ante cibum (before meals)
Latin anno Christi (the year of Christ)
appellate court
Army Corps
Athletic Club

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