Ac and u

Association of Colleges and Universities.

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  • A.c.d.c.

    alternating current or direct current. adjective (informal) (of a person) bisexual adj. electronics abbreviation of alternating current/direct current, by 1898. As slang for “bisexual,” 1959, said to have been in use orally from c.1940; the notion is of working both ways. alternating current/direct current bisexual

  • Lovell

    Sir Alfred Charles Bernard, 1913–2012, British astronomer. a male given name. Contemporary Examples Lovell does an excellent job deconstructing this self-serving myth. We’re Still Fighting the Opium Wars William O’Connor August 27, 2014 Lovell said the military lacked any direction from Washington that evening. General: We Didn’t Even Try To Save American Lives In Benghazi […]

  • Clairaut

    Alexis Claude [a-lek-see klohd] /a lɛkˈsi kloʊd/ (Show IPA), 1713–65, French mathematician. Historical Examples Clairaut calculated its return right within a month (p. 219). Pioneers of Science Oliver Lodge The calculation was difficult: Clairaut discovered the means of effecting it. Biographies of Distinguished Scientific Men Francois Arago The comet made its predicted nearest approach to […]

  • Tocqueville

    Alexis Charles Henri Maurice Clérel de [a-lek-see sharl ahn-ree maw-rees kley-rel duh] /a lɛkˈsi ˈʃarl ɑ̃ˈri mɔˈris kleɪˈrɛl də/ (Show IPA), 1805–59, French statesman and author. Contemporary Examples Mendes cooked at Bouley, Wallsé and Tocqueville prior to opening Aldea. Fresh Picks George Mendes September 6, 2010 Often a foreigner can see America better than we […]

  • Haddon

    Alfred Cort [kawrt] /kɔrt/ (Show IPA), 1855–1940, English ethnologist, anthropologist, and writer. a town in W New Jersey. Historical Examples Those who could do so reeled home; those who could not walk at all were put to bed by the retainers at Haddon Hall. Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall Charles Major Haddon and by his […]

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