Aaron burr

Aaron, 1756–1836, vice president of the U.S. 1801–05.
Contemporary Examples

Was it because the tweet forced some on the right to Google “aaron burr” and “Alexander Hamilton” to see what I meant?
The Tea Party’s War on Comedy Dean Obeidallah October 23, 2013

Other members of Whig-Clio have included aaron burr, Woodrow Wilson, Samuel Alito, and Mitch Daniels.
Ted Cruz at Princeton: Creepy, Sometimes Well Liked, and Exactly the Same Patricia Murphy August 18, 2013

In his new biography, “The Heartbreak of aaron burr,” historian H. W. Brands reconsiders an American villain.
H. W. Brands’s Book Bag: Misunderstood Lives H. W. Brands May 2, 2012

aaron burr and Richard Cheney (Spiro Agnew’s peccadilloes are miniscule in comparison), some two centuries apart.
A Tale of Two Vice Presidents Lawrence Wilkerson May 30, 2009

And Turn looks and feels like some sort of soft-focus dramatic-reenactment segment from a PBS documentary about aaron burr.
‘Halt and Catch Fire’ and AMC’s Push to Reset Dramas Andrew Romano May 29, 2014

Historical Examples

His friendship for aaron burr came very near involving him in serious difficulties.
Andrew Jackson William Garrott Brown

In the end, however, the jury found that aaron burr was not guilty of treason.
Historic Adventures Rupert S. Holland

But cold facts had a way of vanishing before aaron burr’s personality.
Superwomen Albert Payson Terhune

The double-porticoed house where aaron burr died is not far from here.
New York Sketches Jesse Lynch Williams

Whether aaron burr was in the plot, or only took a hint from it a few years later, does not appear of record.
Norman’s New Orleans and Environs B. M. Norman

a small power-driven hand-operated rotary file, esp for removing burrs or for machining recesses
a rough edge left on a workpiece after cutting, drilling, etc
a rough or irregular protuberance, such as a burl on a tree
(Brit) a burl on the trunk or root of a tree, sliced across for use as decorative veneer
noun, verb
a variant spelling of bur
verb (transitive)
to form a rough edge on (a workpiece)
to remove burrs from (a workpiece) by grinding, filing, etc; deburr
(phonetics) an articulation of (r) characteristic of certain English dialects, esp the uvular fricative trill of Northumberland or the retroflex r of the West of England
a whirring sound
to pronounce (words) with a burr
to make a whirring sound
a washer fitting around the end of a rivet
a blank punched out of sheet metal
short for buhrstone
a mass of hard siliceous rock surrounded by softer rock
Aaron. 1756–1836, US vice-president (1800–04), who fled after killing a political rival in a duel and plotted to create an independent empire in the western US; acquitted (1807) of treason

“rough sound of the letter -r-” (especially that common in Northumberland), 1760, later extended to “northern accented speech” in general. Possibly the sound of the word is imitative of the speech peculiarity itself, or it was adapted from one of the senses of bur (q.v.), perhaps from the phrase to have a bur in (one’s) throat (late 14c.), which was a figure of speech for “feel a choking sensation, huskiness.” OED says the Scottish -r- is a lingual trill, not a true burr.

burr (bûr)
Variant of bur.

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