Acid anhydride

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a compound formed by removing water from a more complex compound: an oxide of a nonmetal (acid anhydride) or a metal (basic anhydride) that forms an acid or a base, respectively, when united with water.
a compound from which water has been abstracted.
Historical Examples

Like most of the oxides of the non-metallic elements, carbon dioxide is an acid anhydride.
An Elementary Study of Chemistry William McPherson

The metallic oxide combines with this excess of acid anhydride, forming a mixed salt of metaboric acid.
An Elementary Study of Chemistry William McPherson

another name for anhydride (sense 3)
a compound that has been formed from another compound by dehydration
a compound that forms an acid or base when added to water
Also called acid anhydride, acyl anhydride. any organic compound containing the group -CO.O.CO- formed by removal of one water molecule from two carboxyl groups

anhydride an·hy·dride (ān-hī’drīd’)
A chemical compound formed from another by the removal of water.
A chemical compound formed from another, especially an acid, by the removal of water.

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