a female given name, form of .
Contemporary Examples

When the NOPD left the scene, Zack discreetly picked up the bag of coke and he and Addie headed toward Governor Nicholls.
A Hurricane Katrina Murder Mystery Ethan Brown August 20, 2009

He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Amanda Hesser, and their children, Walker and Addie.
The Last of the Wasps Tad Friend September 26, 2009

Zack and Addie, unsurprisingly, were thrilled to participate in this refined brand of post-Katrina tribalism.
A Hurricane Katrina Murder Mystery Ethan Brown August 20, 2009

During the day, Zack and Addie would clear Governor Nicholls Street of trash and felled tree limbs.
A Hurricane Katrina Murder Mystery Ethan Brown August 20, 2009

Back outside, Paddy and Addie discuss what happened with the frat boys.
Riding Along With a Towson University Student’s ‘White Patrol’ Caitlin Dickson April 23, 2013

Historical Examples

Addie, I recommend my children to your care; my wife I recommend to yours, Constance.
Dr. Adriaan Louis Couperus

So much of the poetry had gone out of it with Addie Tristram.
Tristram of Blent Anthony Hope

Addie put the cups on the table for her father and herself, and then followed Hounshell, who bade the weaver good-night.
True and Other Stories George Parsons Lathrop

There was the same blood in Cecily as had run in Addie Tristram’s veins.
Tristram of Blent Anthony Hope

Yes, kiddie, I’m fond of you all, though I’ve lost Addie altogether through you.
Dr. Adriaan Louis Couperus

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