a person who follows or upholds a leader, cause, etc.; supporter; follower.
sticking; clinging; :
an adherent substance.
bound by contract or other formal agreement:
the nations adherent to the Geneva Convention.
Biology, .
Grammar. standing before and modifying a noun; attributive.
(usually foll by of) a supporter or follower
sticking, holding fast, or attached

late 14c., from Old French adherent or directly from Latin adhaerentem (nominative adhaerens), present participle of adhaerere “stick to,” from ad- “to” (see ad-) + haerere “to stick” (see hesitation).

“follower, associate, supporter,” early 15c., from Old French adherent or directly from Latin adhaerentem (see adherent (adj.)). Meaning “adhesive substance” is from 1912.

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