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an attitude, as in labor-management negotiations, that any opposition to demands indicates an unwillingness of one side to cooperate and bargain in good faith.


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  • Adversative

    expressing contrariety, opposition, or antithesis: “But” is an adversative conjunction. an adversative word or proposition. Historical Examples But the conjunction is often omitted in copulative and adversative clauses, as in Sec. An English Grammar W. M. Baskervill and J. W. Sewell Then let him deliberately use the adversative but, and proceed to the discussion of […]

  • Adversative asyndeton

    a staccato effect produced by omitting adversative connectives from between two or more items forming a group, as in “I liked all there was to buy in the store … I didn’t get anything.”.

  • Adverse

    unfavorable or antagonistic in purpose or effect: adverse criticism. opposing one’s interests or desire: adverse circumstances. being or acting in a contrary direction; opposed or opposing: adverse winds. opposite; confronting: the adverse page. Contemporary Examples This lack of standards has adverse reproductive, sexual, and mental-health consequences for survivors of sexual violence. Fixing India’s Rape Problem […]

  • Adverse possession

    the open and exclusive occupation and use of someone else’s real property without permission of the owner continuously for a period of years prescribed by law, thereafter giving title to the occupier-user. Historical Examples The doctrine of “adverse possession” is founded on the anxiety of our law to secure quietude of title. Ten Thousand a-Year […]

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