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the power of moving quickly and easily; nimbleness:
exercises demanding agility.
the ability to think and draw conclusions quickly; intellectual acuity.
Contemporary Examples

And while Garfield is merely pretending to have superhero strength and agility, he and Stone are actually dating IRL.
Real-Life Couples on Screen: Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, Brangelina, and More Amy Zimmerman April 30, 2014

His is essentially a power game, but it is infused with the kind of speed and agility required by modern professional basketball.
Shaq, Year One Charles P. Pierce May 23, 2014

But AM-2 is not a friend to the agility that justifies the F-35B over other forms of expeditionary airpower.
Why Can’t America’s Newest Stealth Jet Land Like It’s Supposed To? Bill Sweetman May 25, 2014

Fluid intelligence is all about raw processing speed: the agility with which you are able to solve new and unfamiliar problems.
Life Gets Better at 50 Casey Schwartz August 3, 2011

To young people born under the weird planet of the SAT, intelligence was equated with agility, with raw acuity.
How I Lost My Mind at Princeton Walter Kirn May 18, 2009

Historical Examples

With the agility of woman, her mind jumped ahead to those little dinner-parties.
Married Life May Edginton

Then, in a second, with an agility absolutely staggering, he was on his feet.
The Law-Breakers Ridgwell Cullum

On this the men reluctantly gave him a trial, and he went up the tree with wonderful strength and agility, but evident caution.
Hard Cash Charles Reade

If proof of this lightness and agility be needed, here is a fact in illustration.
The Sportsman Xenophon

Yet there was a marvellous cat-like lightness and agility about all his movements.
A Stable for Nightmares J. Sheridan Le Fanu


early 15c., from Old French agilité (14c.), from Latin agilitatem (nominative agilitas) “mobility, nimbleness, quickness,” from agilis, from agere “to move” (see act (n.)).


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