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a subordinate military or naval officer acting as a confidential assistant to a superior, usually to a general officer or admiral.
Historical Examples

Early in May Washington was made an aid-de-camp to the general.
History of the Colony and Ancient Dominion of Virginia Charles Campbell

“Place him in a chair, then,” said the aid-de-camp, for such he was.
Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, Vol. 3, July, 1851 Various

The youngest, the Duke de Chartres, was carried in the arms of an aid-de-camp.
Louis Philippe John S. C. (John Stevens Cabot) Abbott

I remember exactly how he looked; he had his aid-de-camp with him.
The White Rose of Memphis William C. Falkner

The emperor received graciously the aid-de-camp of the vanquished general.
History of the Expedition to Russia Count Philip de Segur

During this silence, the aid-de-camp stood in expectation of orders.
The Spy J. Fenimore Cooper

This chief rapidly promoted him to the offices of physician to the forces, aid-de-camp, and colonel.
Masterpieces of Negro Eloquence Various

Frederick the Great kept an aid-de-camp for this purpose, and, poor fellow!
Health John Brown

So the name of the young general’s friend and aid-de-camp was Samuel Augustus Barker.
St. Nicholas v. 13 No. 9 July 1886 Various

On the breaking-up of the council, Napoleon said to him, “You are my aid-de-camp.”
Nooks and Corners of the New England Coast Samuel Adams Drake

noun (pl) aides-de-camp, aids-de-camp
a military officer serving as personal assistant to a senior ADC


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