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Air right

a right of way in the air space above a property owner’s land and the immovable property on it, subject to the public right of air navigation above the property at a legally prescribed altitude.
such a right sold or leased for use or occupation, especially on a support elevated above an immovable property, as for the erection of an office building over a railroad track.
Contemporary Examples

It can air right after the three-hour Tina Fey-Jon Hamm variety hour.
Newcomers Invade Emmys Choire Sicha August 29, 2010

“We plan to be on the air right straight through the primary, without surcease,” Lugar says.
GOP’s Richard Lugar Faces Hostile Tea Party in Battle to Keep Senate Seat Lloyd Grove March 12, 2012

Historical Examples

Maybe he air right in sayin’ that I won’t be welcome; but I’ll do my duty, just th’ same!
In Old Kentucky Edward Marshall and Charles T. Dazey

Up we glides into the air right over the white wake she was leavin’.
Torchy, Private Sec. Sewell Ford

An instant later their baying rang out on the still night air right behind us, and with fearful distinctness.
Andersonville, Volume 3 John McElroy

Pepusch played the air right through; waited a minute or so and recommenced.
Madame Flirt Charles E. Pearce

Remnants of summer continued to hang in the air right into December.
Pelle the Conqueror, Complete Martin Anderson Nexo

A brief moment of tingling silence seemed to hover in the air right after the Nazi U-boat commander stopped speaking.
Dave Dawson on Guadalcanal Robert Sydney Bowen

Yet I drew my sword, and went cutting the air right and left, till I reached the villa of my sweetheart.
Traditions, Superstitions and Folk-lore Charles Hardwick

Likewise the hall waxed hotter and hotter, and the air right heavy to breathe.
Margery [Gred], Complete Georg Ebers


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