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openness to the air:
the airiness of a balcony facing the sea.
sprightliness of manner:
a ballet marked by airiness and deft movement.
snobbishness; affectation.
Historical Examples

But answering her banter he once caught an expression behind her airiness.
If Winter Comes A.S.M. Hutchinson

Stables and neat-houses were the perfection of cleanliness and airiness.
In the Heart of Vosges Matilda Betham-Edwards

They are naked, with scrolls or ribbons wreathed around them, adding to the airiness of their continual dance.
Sketches and Studies in Italy and Greece John Addington Symonds

The airiness of the walls was a relief to him after the infected room.
The Mermaid Lily Dougall

They are naked, with scrolls or ribbons wreathed round them, adding to the airiness of their continual dance.
New Italian sketches John Addington Symonds

Yet acuteness of psychology is never sacrificed to airiness of style.
Modernities Horace Barnett Samuel

The walls are light in color, while the general effect is one of light and airiness.
The New England Magazine Volume 1, No. 3, March, 1886 Various

It is not for me to strive to be wafted away into the airiness of an Angel.
Glimpses of Bengal Sir Rabindranath Tagore

One may see through the branches of a large shingle oak, and it suggests an airiness not common with oaks.
American Forest Trees Henry H. Gibson

At the mention of “Ned Napier” the clerk’s airiness disappeared.
The Air Ship Boys H.L. Sayler

the quality or condition of being fresh, light, or breezy
lightness of heart; gaiety


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