Arabic Al-Iskandarîyah. a seaport in N Egypt, in the Nile delta: founded in 332 b.c. by Alexander the Great; ancient center of learning.
a city in NE Virginia, S of the District of Columbia.
a city in central Louisiana, on the Red River.
Contemporary Examples

Heading back to Alexandria to spend more time with his family and recharge before the campaign.
No Drama Obama’s Dramatic 2012 Reelection Campaign Richard Wolffe September 11, 2013

More recently, a Dominican archaeologist has reopened excavation of a temple 30 miles west of Alexandria, at Taposiris Magna.
Cleopatra’s Comeback Stacy Schiff June 2, 2010

Will we possibly be hearing about the Alexandria Safe-Zone soon?!
‘Walking Dead’ Showrunner Scott Gimple Teases ‘Darker, Weirder’ Times Ahead Melissa Leon December 1, 2014

In the hours following Friday’s late-night blast, Alexandria Governor Adel Labib blamed al Qaeda.
Egypt’s Church Bombing: Was Al Qaeda Responsible? Liam Stack January 1, 2011

Major airlines such as Lufthansa and Air India are working with the U.S. and Turkey to send aircraft to Cairo and Alexandria.
Egypt Protests: Mubarak’s Government in Chaos The Daily Beast January 27, 2011

Historical Examples

Officers troubled by their teeth are taken to a dentist in Alexandria.
Turkish Prisoners in Egypt Various

When he reached Alexandria he rode up to his old master’s door.
The Crimson Fairy Book Various

The unique wedding of his father and mother had been reported by the Times and Alexandria Advertiser almost a century earlier .
Seaport in Virginia Gay Montague Moore

Arrived at Alexandria at 7; ran into the Museum till breakfast.
A Journey to America in 1834 Robert Heywood

What should he have cared for the column which we beheld on our arrival in Alexandria had it not been Pompey’s pillar?
Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte, Complete Louis Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne

the chief port of Egypt, on the Nile Delta: cultural centre of ancient times, founded by Alexander the Great (332 bc). Pop: 3 760 000 (2005 est) Arabic name El Iskandariyah

Port city of northern Egypt, located where the Nile River empties into the Mediterranean Sea.

Note: Founded by and named for Alexander the Great.

Note: One-time capital city of ancient Egypt, a center consecutively of Greek, Jewish, and Christian culture.

the ancient metropolis of Lower Egypt, so called from its founder, Alexander the Great (about B.C. 333). It was for a long period the greatest of existing cities, for both Nineveh and Babylon had been destroyed, and Rome had not yet risen to greatness. It was the residence of the kings of Egypt for 200 years. It is not mentioned in the Old Testament, and only incidentally in the New. Apollos, eloquent and mighty in the Scriptures, was a native of this city (Acts 18:24). Many Jews from Alexandria were in Jerusalem, where they had a synagogue (Acts 6:9), at the time of Stephen’s martyrdom. At one time it is said that as many as 10,000 Jews resided in this city. It possessed a famous library of 700,000 volumes, which was burned by the Saracens (A.D. 642). It was here that the Hebrew Bible was translated into Greek. This is called the Septuagint version, from the tradition that seventy learned men were engaged in executing it. It was, however, not all translated at one time. It was begun B.C. 280, and finished about B.C. 200 or 150. (See VERSION.)

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