Alexander, 1759–1834, Scottish biographer, editor, and journalist.
Historical Examples

Chalmers wrote respectable verses on a number of subjects, but his muse was especially of a humorous tendency.
The Modern Scottish Minstrel, Volume II. Various

It will be guessed that Mr. Chalmers Payne was in an irritable frame of mind.
Quaint Courtships Various

On Chalmers’s writing-table lay the photograph that he had received that day in the foreign mail.
The Trimmed Lamp O. Henry

And yet such is the true character of the Astronomical Sermons of Chalmers.
Leading Articles on Various Subjects Hugh Miller

Enlightened at last, Ewing joined in the applause, amid which Chalmers resumed his seat.
Ewing\’s Lady Harry Leon Wilson

General Chalmers plunged into the ravine, and the order to retire did not reach him.
From Fort Henry to Corinth Manning Ferguson Force

They are the same views substantially as those he afterwards maintained in the pamphlet mentioned by Mr. Chalmers in the text.
The Life of Daniel De Foe George Chalmers

Major Whiteley leaned across to Mr. Chalmers, who sat beside him.
Lady Bountiful George A. Birmingham

But Dr. Chalmers can not stop with the simple concession that matter is eternal.
The Theistic Conception of the World B. F. (Benjamin Franklin) Cocker

“You may let those men go, Chalmers,” said Major Whiteley quietly.
Lady Bountiful George A. Birmingham

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