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the Supreme Being; God.
Contemporary Examples

A white single mother to a seven-year-old son, she works (or worked) at the local mall, and only recently got into Allah.
The FBI’s Bogus ISIS Bust James Poulos November 20, 2014

Allah, Smith said, “has good reason for you to stay where you are.”
Mohamed Mohamud Trial: Was He Tricked Into Terrorism? Winston Ross April 22, 2012

Hamad is the consummate survivor-opportunist, having built an empire out of blowing sand and natural gas, Allah and ambition.
Qatar’s Succession Drama Christopher Dickey June 24, 2013

When we asked about where the ammunition in the Korengal came from, all that Zalwar Khan ever said was, “They came from Allah.”
Heart of Darkness: Into Afghanistan’s Taliban Valley Matt Trevithick, Daniel Seckman November 14, 2014

“By Allah, I will sell them in the marketplace,” Shekau declared.
Boko Loco: A View From Nigeria Lola Ogunnaike May 8, 2014

Historical Examples

Prayer is not a duty issuing from his love to Allah, but a yoke which binds him against his will.
Modern Persia Mooshie G. Daniel

And Allah willing,” he adds, “you will recover and be happy again.
The Book of Khalid Ameen Rihani

Allah, great Allah, is not this the hollow where I changed my clothing!
The Weird Orient Henry Iliowizi

Well, Allah send us some one else soon to set right this poor Gharb of ours!
The Scapegoat Hall Caine

We in Izmat, thanks be to Allah, will never lose our dignity in mere brawling.
The Mercy of Allah Hilaire Belloc

(Islam) the Muslim name for God; the one Supreme Being

1702, Arabic name for the Supreme Being, from Arabic Allahu, contraction of al-Ilahu, from al “the” + Ilah “God,” related to Hebrew Elohim.

The name for God, the Supreme Being, in the Arabic language; the common name for God in Islam.


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