high up; far above the ground.

on the masts; in the rigging; overhead.
(on a square-rigged sailing ship) in the upper rigging, specifically, on or above the lower yards (opposed to ).

in or into the air.
on or at the top of:
flags flying aloft the castle.
Contemporary Examples

There was a sense of standing together on the precipice, but holding each other aloft by sheer will, conjoined by rage.
‘The Normal Heart’ and Hope in the Battlefield of AIDS Michael Musto May 23, 2014

Historical Examples

The wind was very light, and studding-sails were set alow and aloft.
Outward Bound Oliver Optic

A good look-out was kept for men, from aloft, but none were seen from any of the vessels.
Ned Myers James Fenimore Cooper

They came—the last stopping the boat—throwing it aloft—letting it drop—and crests of angry waves curled over the side.
The Rainbow Trail Zane Grey

Saying no word, out of his lair he came with that terrible sword of his aloft.
Fair Margaret H. Rider Haggard

And we could hear Ed Gurney whoop when he held a tin of it aloft.
Sonnie-Boy’s People James B. Connolly

The celebrant kissed the tablet, and held it aloft before all the people.
English Villages P. H. Ditchfield

With eyes now turned from aloft to ahead, we retyped our seamanship to meet the altered conditions of the veer in our outlook.
Merchantmen-at-Arms David W. Bone

No living thing would that loathly one leave as aloft it flew.
Beowulf Anonymous

At least, if thou art harmed because of this loose quean, my axe will be aloft.
Eric Brighteyes H. Rider Haggard

adverb, adjective (postpositive)
in or into a high or higher place; up above
(nautical) in or into the rigging of a vessel

c.1200, from a Scandinavian source; cf. Old Norse a lopti “up above,” literally “up in the air,” from a “in, on” + lopt “sky, air, atmosphere; loft, upper room” (cf. Gothic luftus, Old High German luft, Old English lyft “air;” see loft).

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