a male given name: from Germanic words meaning “noble” and “ready.”.
Contemporary Examples

When a top Mobutu confidant named Colonel alphonse Bangala purchased the island, Lometcha bought shares.
The Congo’s Forgotten Colonial Getaway Nina Strochlic December 17, 2014

Mucha, the son of the iconic Art Nouveau poster artist alphonse Mucha, was a man with a lot of secrets to keep.
My Banned Book Charles Laurence February 15, 2010

Pennsylvania played host to the most infamous criminal in history: alphonse ‘Scarface’ Capone.
Jerry Sandusky Sentenced: Eight Facts About Pennsylvania Prisons Abby Haglage October 9, 2012

Historical Examples

alphonse Giraud and I swore to the clothing—indeed, the linen was marked plainly enough—and we left the undertaker to his work.
Dross Henry Seton Merriman

alphonse was unlocking the front door, and now threw it open.
Waring’s Peril Charles King

And Isabella, as alphonse subsequently told me, received this offer with an ill-concealed smile.
Dross Henry Seton Merriman

Beyond lay alphonse, drugged with morphia, after an intolerable day.
The Backwash of War Ellen N. La Motte

As to alphonse, the moment he regained the freedom of his limbs, he recovered all his gaiety.
Moral Tales Madame Guizot

Captain alphonse and the other passengers, however, would not see this.
The Ghost Ship John C. Hutcheson

alphonse shivered, though every one could see that he was merely making pretence to be frightened.
Under the Chinese Dragon F. S. Brereton

masc. proper name, from Spanish Alfonso, from a Germanic source (cf. Old High German Adalfuns, from adal “noble;” see atheling + funs “ready”). The Alphonsine tables are named for Alphonso the Wise, 13c. king of Castile.

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