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a town in S Texas.
a male given name: from Old English words meaning “elf” and “friend.”.
Contemporary Examples

By sending gifts (or gift cards) to his favorite stars, Alvin is encouraging a smile at his own expense.
Porn Superfans: Aurora Snow on the Relationship Between Cam Girls and Their Fans Aurora Snow April 28, 2013

Even laughably unqualified South Carolina Senate candidate Alvin Greene won 36 percent of the vote.
Election Night Fallout The Daily Beast November 2, 2010

The best way to do this, he argues, is through an “adhocracy,” a term he borrows from the writer and futurist Alvin Toffler.
‘Resilience’ Author Andrew Zolli on the Secrets of Failure Jesse Singal July 7, 2012

Paul Rand and Alvin Lustig, the twin titans of mid-century American graphic design.
How Jews Created American Modernism Andrew Romano July 31, 2014

He is at Alvin Ailey studios to teach a packed master class.
Beyonce’s Moment Rachel Syme September 22, 2009

Historical Examples

While Alvin was quite willing, he decided it was better to obey in spirit and letter the instructions of their leader.
The Boy Patrol on Guard Edward S. Ellis

Sim Eldredge and Alvin and some more all said they’d vote for you if they got a chance.
The Rise of Roscoe Paine Joseph C. Lincoln

Alvin kept his place on the tiny dock, and all three watched Mike Murphy.
The Launch Boys’ Adventures in Northern Waters Edward S. Ellis

And it wasn’t as if Alvin would be missed, Forrester told himself.
Pagan Passions Gordon Randall Garrett

I have the belief that we are near the solution, said Alvin, and we can afford to wait a day or two longer.
The Boy Patrol Around the Council Fire Edward Sylvester Ellis


A person who can be fooled or defrauded easily; mark, patsy, sucker (Carnival, circus & underworld)


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