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(in an early Christian church) a raised desk, or either of two such desks, from which the Gospels or Epistles were read or chanted.
Historical Examples

I’ll go if you can let me, because—oh, I’ve got to say it, ambo!
The Book of Susan Lee Wilson Dodd

The ambo had two ascents—one from the east, and the other from the west.
Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 1 of 4: A-D) Various

ambo told the parents of the young woman that he would restore her to life if they would pay him a reasonable sum of money.
Filipino Popular Tales Dean S. Fansler

If you can’t let me have another room, ambo—I’ll have to go.
The Book of Susan Lee Wilson Dodd

Haven’t I always told you and ambo that Jimmy would be like this?
The Book of Susan Lee Wilson Dodd

Tilly wasn’t a bit like Pearl, ambo; and Sonia isn’t either!
The Book of Susan Lee Wilson Dodd

The Mohammedan conquest of course swept away the ornaments of the interior—the ambo, the iconostasis and the holy table.
Lippincott’s Magazine, Vol. 20, No. 33, November 1877 Various

As for ambo—ambo says nothing, bless him—but I think he wants and needs you most of all.
The Book of Susan Lee Wilson Dodd

ambo, a fitting of early Christian churches, very similar to a pulpit.
Architecture Thomas Roger Smith

Oh, I knew at once what you meant, ambo, when you called her a dedicated priestess!
The Book of Susan Lee Wilson Dodd

noun (pl) ambos, ambones (æmˈbəʊniːz)
either of two raised pulpits from which the gospels and epistles were read in early Christian churches
noun (Austral, informal) (pl) ambos
an ambulance driver
an ambulance


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