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in or toward the middle part of a or aircraft; midway between the ends.
along the central fore-and-aft line of a or aircraft.
in or toward the center of anything:
a long, narrow office with a desk placed amidships.
of, relating to, or located in the middle part of a or aircraft.
Historical Examples

She was crossing the channel, and they struck her amidship, sinking her almost instantly.
Raftmates Kirk Munroe

amidship, Kass was again studying the eyepiece of the ampliscope.
The Metal Moon Everett C. Smith

Slowly we pushed her away from the bank, Jim at the stern, Tom amidship and I in the bow.
The Frontier Boys in the Grand Canyon Wyn Roosevelt

They’ll have the sense to slip then, I hope, and make for the safety of wide waters, with an amidship helm.’
My Danish Sweetheart., Volume 1 of 3 William Clark Russell

As he did so he noticed that the white object was a tent, and that there was a single “shanty” amidship.
Raftmates Kirk Munroe

He made a trip of his own along the main-deck, scrambling upon the spars to avoid the occasional deluge which swept her amidship.
Blow The Man Down Holman Day

She was about four thousand tons, and her engines were sternward and not amidship.
The Million Dollar Mystery Harold MacGrath

adverb, adjective (postpositive)
(nautical) at, near, or towards the centre of a vessel


Used to refer to the striking of a blow in the abdomen

[1937+; fr earlier sense ”in the middle of a ship,” implying the most crucial or vulnerable part]


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