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(def 2).
to excite or energize (usually followed by up):
We were so amped up for the game that we forgot to eat.
Contemporary Examples

And to get us amped up—or severely unsettled, whatever—Showtime has released the first official trailer for Season 3.
‘Homeland’ Season 3 Trailer: 15 Observations Anna Brand August 8, 2013

Ruler Saturn is conjunct the Sun opposing the Full Moon, amped by Jupiter.
The Stars Predict Your Week Starsky + Cox October 8, 2011

In a matter of minutes, he gave a shameless, amped up account of his various Hollywood conquests.
Why Women Want Hollywood Lothario Wilmer Valderrama Amy Zimmerman April 8, 2014

Cash teased his hair into a pompadour, swiveled his hips, amped up his drawl, and belted out a tune worthy of a quarter million.
10 Celebrity Elvis Impersonations August 15, 2011

In a separate interview, Reed repeatedly pledged to “dial down” the rhetoric from Bachmann’s amped up levels.
Bringing Down Bachmann Benjamin Sarlin November 5, 2009

Thus, he has amped up the number of raffles and added celebrities to the mix.
Dinners With Anna Wintour for Obama, Donald Trump for Romney: Rise of Raffle Fundraising Ben Jacobs June 5, 2012

Still, this should prove to be a performer for CBS, particularly if the mysteries can be amped up into real puzzles.
TV Preview: Snap Judgments of 2012-13’s New Shows Jace Lacob, Maria Elena Fernandez June 11, 2012

It was so amped up—and similarly, neither do we think that Johnny cries every day!
Five Gays on Project Runway’s Demise Choire Sicha November 16, 2009

The day after the shooting, Aurora amped up security at its six theaters.
What’s Next for the Aurora Theater? Christine Pelisek, Eliza Shapiro July 25, 2012

an ampere
(informal) an amplifier
(Austral, informal) to excite or become excited
adenosine monophosphate
Australian Mutual Provident Society

1886 as an abbreviation of ampere; 1967 as an abbreviation of amplifier.

AMP (ā’em-pē’)
Adenosine monophosphate; a mononucleotide found in animal cells and reversibly convertible to ADP and ATP. Also called adenine nucleotide, adenylic acid.
Short for adenosine monophosphate. An organic compound that is composed of adenosine and one phosphate group. It is one of the nucleotides present in DNA and RNA, and is also the fundamental component of ATP and ADP. During certain cellular metabolic processes, AMP forms from ADP when the latter loses a phosphate group, and AMP forms ADP by acquiring a phosphate group. Chemical formula: C10H14N5O7P.
amp (ampere) [(am-peer)]

A unit of electric current. One ampere corresponds to a certain number of electrons passing a fixed point each second.

Note: A typical household’s electrical supply includes a total of 120 to 200 amps; a typical house circuit carries 15 to 50 amps.


Excited, possibly angry: I got so amped, I almost started crying
High on methamphetamine


An ampere, the electrical unit of measurement
An audio amplifier, esp one used for electronic musical instruments
An ampoule of a narcotic

adenosine monophosphate
Association for Molecular Pathology


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