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Ampere’s law

the law that a magnetic field induced by an electric current is, at any point, directly proportional to the product of the current intensity and the length of the current conductor, inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the point and the conductor, and perpendicular to the plane joining the point and the conductor.


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  • Ampere-turn

    one complete convolution of a conducting coil, through which one ampere of current passes. the magnetomotive force produced by one ampere passing through one complete turn or convolution of a coil. Abbreviation: At. noun a unit of magnetomotive force; the magnetomotive force produced by a current of 1 ampere passing through one complete turn of […]

  • Amperometric

    pertaining to or involving the measurement of an electric current.

  • Amperometric titration

    titration in which the end point is determined by measuring the amperage of an electric current of given voltage that is passed through the solution.

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