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a son of Antiope by Zeus, and the husband of Niobe. With his twin brother, Zethus, he built the walls of Thebes, charming the stones into place with his lyre.
Historical Examples

Thus did Amphion with the melody of his harp found, build, and finish the great and renowned city of Thebes.
Gargantua and Pantagruel, Complete. Francois Rabelais

Still it seemed too probable that the “Amphion,” with my father and all hands, was lost.
The Mate of the Lily W. H. G. Kingston

The Amphion’s men were dreadfully burned and scalded and had marks on their faces and bodies which resembled splashes of acid.
America’s War for Humanity Thomas Herbert Russell

“The ‘Amphion,’ Captain Musgrave was my captain,” he answered.
The Mate of the Lily W. H. G. Kingston

He informed her of the conquests of a hero who made a charming contrast with Amphion, architect of Thebes.
Voltaire’s Romances Franois-Marie Arouet

Amphion, when he heard that all his sons had perished, fell on his own sword.
Myths and Legends of All Nations Various

Amphion himself is one of the most famous of mythical musicians.
The Classic Myths in English Literature and in Art (2nd ed.) (1911) Charles Mills Gayley

This vessel was captured by the Amphion, about the middle of November, 1782.
American Prisoners of the Revolution Danske Dandridge

Over the gate he inscribed, with characteristic modesty, this inscription: “Amphion Thebas, ego domum.”
Great Singers, First Series George T. Ferris

They dare, those soulless pedants, to call that Antiope with Amphion and Zethus!
Belcaro Vernon Lee


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