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the act of or the state of being .
expansion of a statement, narrative, etc., as for rhetorical purposes:
In the revision, the story underwent considerable amplification.
a statement, narrative, etc., so expanded:
The text of the second edition was an amplification.
the matter or substance used to expand an idea, statement, or the like:
He added an extra paragraph to his speech as an amplification.
Electricity. increase in the strength of current, voltage, or power.
Genetics. .
an increase in the frequency of replication of a DNA segment.
such an increase induced by a polymerase chain reaction.
Contemporary Examples

But my comedy onstage is just an amplification of what people do to each other.
Andrew Dice Clay on ‘Blue Jasmine,’ His Alleged Misogyny, and More Marlow Stern July 24, 2013

Deprived of amplification, he silently stripped down and collapsed onstage.
America’s Poets: Battle Rap Gets Real Rich Goldstein July 14, 2014

Historical Examples

Betty’s nod merely admitted the fact, without supplement or amplification.
The Furnace Rose Macaulay

We must strike some sort of balance between my brevity and your amplification.
Seen and Unseen E. Katharine Bates

So it seemed on the whole more expedient to blurt out her remarks without any attempt at frills or amplification.
McClure’s Magazine, Vol. XXXI, No. 3, July 1908. Various

It is weak in amplification of examples during an age when amplification was practiced.
A Treatise of Schemes and Tropes Richard Sherry

These, and similar expressions, show how much the Irish are disposed to metaphor and amplification.
Tales And Novels, Volume 4 (of 10) Maria Edgeworth

The death of the martyrs was at that time an amplification of rhetoric.
Bouvard and Pcuchet, part 2 Gustave Flaubert

A more formidable system for the foundation and amplification of lasting fortunes has not existed.
History of the Great American Fortunes, Vol. I Myers Gustavus

Of this, my present memoir is little more than an amplification.
Secret History of the English Occupation of Egypt Wilfrid Scawen Blunt

the act or result of amplifying
material added to a statement, story, etc, in order to expand or clarify it
a statement, story, etc, with such additional material

the increase in strength of an electrical signal by means of an amplifier
another word for gain1 (sense 13)

(genetics) Also called gene amplification. the production of multiple copies of a particular gene or DNA sequence. It can occur naturally or artificially, by genetic engineering techniques

1540s, “enlargement,” from Latin amplificationem (nominative amplificatio) “a widening, extending,” noun of action from past participle stem of amplificare (see amplify). Electronics sense is from 1915.

amplification am·pli·fi·ca·tion (ām’plə-fĭ-kā’shən)

The process of increasing the magnitude of a variable quantity, especially the magnitude of voltage, power, or current, without altering any other quality.

The result of such a process.

gene amplification n.
A cellular process characterized by the production of copies of a gene or genes to amplify the phenotype that the gene confers on the cell.
An increase in the magnitude or strength of an electric current, a force, or another physical quantity, such as a radio signal.
gene amplification
An increase in the number of copies of a gene in a cell, resulting in an elevation in the level of the RNA or protein encoded for by the gene and a corresponding amplification of the phenotype that the gene confers on the cell. Drug resistance in cancer cells is linked to amplification of the gene that prevents absorption of the chemotherapeutic agent by the cell.

A process in a cell by which a particular gene is replicated so that more copies are available to produce a protein for the cell’s use. For example, the genes that code for proteins involved in ribosomes are amplified early in the process of cell development so that there are sufficient numbers of them to assemble the cell.

Note: PCR, polymerase chain reaction, can be considered a type of man-made gene amplification process.


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