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Ampulla of vas deferens

ampulla of vas deferens

ampulla of vas deferens n.
See Henle’s ampulla.


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  • Ampullaceous

    like an ampulla; bottle-shaped. Historical Examples ampullaceous, swelling out like a bottle or bladder (ampulla). The Elements of Botany Asa Gray

  • Ampullae

    Anatomy. a dilated portion of a canal or duct, especially of the semicircular canals of the ear. Zoology, Botany. any flask-shaped structure. Ecclesiastical. a vessel for the wine and water used at the altar. a vessel for holding consecrated oil. a two-handled bottle having a somewhat globular shape, made of glass or earthenware, used by […]

  • Ampullar pregnancy

    ampullar pregnancy ampullar pregnancy n. A tubal pregnancy situated near the midportion of the oviduct.

  • Ampullary crest

    ampullary crest ampullary crest am·pul·lar·y crest (ām’pə-lěr’ē) n. An elevation on the inner surface of the ampulla of each semicircular duct, through which filaments of the vestibular nerve pass to reach hair cells on the surface.

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