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a person who has lost all or part of an arm, hand, leg, etc., by amputation.
Contemporary Examples

No wonder Portman looks so beleaguered in the film: she is perhaps the first amputee professional ballerina.
Butchery at the Ballet Toni Bentley February 24, 2011

In 2007, Heather Mills—an amputee and alpine skier (and yes, the former wife of Paul McCartney)—danced on the show.
How Paralympian Amy Purdy Dances Like a Star Rose Eveleth April 29, 2014

How did amputees or amputee groups feel about the throwing of the leg itself, this viewer wondered.
‘The Real Housewives of New York City’ Loses a Leg in Sixth-Season Finale Tim Teeman July 22, 2014

a person who has had a limb amputated

1910, perhaps on a French model; see amputation + -ee.

amputee am·pu·tee (ām’pyu-tē’)
A person who has had one or more limbs removed by amputation.


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