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to pronounce an against; denounce; curse.
to pronounce ; curse.
Historical Examples

Venerable parent promptly resorts to anathematization, and turns him out.
Our Mutual Friend Charles Dickens

One bishop earnestly recommends the Jewish anathematization, Let neither party ever be spoken to again.
The Myth in Marriage Alice Hubbard

to pronounce an anathema (upon a person, etc); curse

1590s, from Medieval Latin anathematizationem (nominative anathematizatio), noun of action from past participle stem of anathematizare (see anathematize). Earlier was anathemization (1540s).

“to pronounce an anathema against,” 1560s, from French anathématiser (Old French anatemer), from Latin anathematizare, from Greek anathematizein “to devote (to evil),” from stem of anathema. Alternative anathemize (1670s) is less correct and more rare. Related: Anathematized; anathematizing.


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