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acute necrotizing gingivitis; trench mouth.
Air National Guard.
Contemporary Examples

ANG Lee, who won an Oscar for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, went on to make the misguided Hulk.
Why The Tourist Bombed Nicole LaPorte January 12, 2011

Mob Wives star Big ANG Raiola recited favorite quips for Us Weekly.
‘Downton Abbey’ and How PBS Got Cool Jace Lacob, Maria Elena Fernandez February 14, 2012

Maybe it will be ANG Lee, because Life of Pi is such a sprawling achievement, and the Academy loves him.
‘Argo,’ ‘Silver Linings Playbook,’ ‘Lincoln’: Who Will Win On Oscar Night? Ramin Setoodeh, Marlow Stern February 19, 2013

Historical Examples

Munggus ANG ipúli pagtanum sa mais, Plant mung beans after the corn.
A Dictionary of Cebuano Visayan John U. Wolff

Footnote 322: There are similar statements in Maydstone, ANG.
Henry of Monmouth, Volume 2 J. Endell Tyler

ANG Tenze was extraordinarily active and did not seem to mind heat or height—a quite exceptionally gifted mountaineer.
Mount Everest the Reconnaissance, 1921 Charles Kenneth Howard-Bury

Nakadisgrasya (nadisgrasya) ANG dyip, The jeep met with an accident.
A Dictionary of Cebuano Visayan John U. Wolff

NagkANGkANG ANG mga panid sa libru, The leaves of the book are spread open.
A Dictionary of Cebuano Visayan John U. Wolff

Labhi ANG dinug-an, Wash the clothes you got menstrual blood on.
A Dictionary of Cebuano Visayan John U. Wolff

Mukunup ANG tipdas ug mahANGinan, A measles rash will disappear if you expose it to the wind.
A Dictionary of Cebuano Visayan John U. Wolff

Air National Guard
Netherlands Antilles-guilder


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