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a Briticism.
the state of being English; characteristic English quality.
a word, idiom, or characteristic feature of the English language occurring in or borrowed by another language.
any custom, manner, idea, etc., characteristic of the English people.
Historical Examples

The Anglicism of terminating the sentence with a preposition is rejected.
The Verbalist Thomas Embly Osmun, (AKA Alfred Ayres)

We avoid them, which it is not difficult to do, as we have the brand of Protestantism and Anglicism upon us.
The Life of Charlotte Bronte – Volume 1 Elizabeth Gaskell

a word, phrase, or idiom peculiar to the English language, esp as spoken in England
an English attitude, custom, etc
the fact or quality of being English

1640s, “anglicized language,” from Latin Anglicus “of the English” (see Angle) + -ism. As an instance of this, from 1781.


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