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preoccupation with or motivation by sensual, physical, or carnal appetites rather than moral, spiritual, or intellectual forces.
the theory that human beings lack a spiritual nature.
Historical Examples

Let the object of existence be reunion with God, not the mere gratification of animalism.
The Catholic World; Vol. IV.; October, 1866, to March, 1867. E. Rameur

There was animalism in the soul, and the body had its moments of spirituality.
The Picture of Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde

Democritus looked to the soul as the ennobling part of man; even beauty, without understanding, partook of animalism.
Fragments of science, V. 1-2 John Tyndall

And it is touching and attractive because of the animalism of its frankness and simplicity.
A Spirit in Prison Robert Hichens

Inside the camps one felt a still more cruel desolation—that of sordidness and animalism.
King Coal Upton Sinclair

The lust of Gold had its devils, and they were not different from other types of animalism.
Demonology and Devil-lore Moncure Daniel Conway

What chance has this solitary microbe of spiritual and intellectual light against the swarming bacteria of animalism?
On the Vice of Novel Reading. Young E. Allison

All man needs is a true mirror in which his own animalism may see itself.
Demonology and Devil-lore Moncure Daniel Conway

Mrs. Peters, her finest instincts revolting from such a naked display of animalism—and in the morning, too!
The Gay Adventure Richard Bird

There is animalism in the soul, and the body has its moments of spirituality.
Miscellaneous Aphorisms; The Soul of Man Oscar Wilde

satisfaction of or preoccupation with physical matters; sensuality
the doctrine or belief that man lacks a spiritual nature
a trait or mode of behaviour typical of animals

“the doctrine that man is a mere animal,” 1857, from animal + -ism. Earlier, “exercise of animal faculties; physical exercise” (1831).


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