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a female given name: Spanish form of .
Contemporary Examples

“We hired Anita Perry to be a development specialist and fundraiser and she has done exactly that,” Camp tells The Daily Beast.
Anita Perry’s Political Baggage Jacob Bernstein October 12, 2011

I shared a stage with Anita Dunn at a post-election debriefing last December.
Outfoxing Obama Nicolle Wallace October 19, 2009

Plus, Laura Bush’s former chief of staff Anita McBride goes behind the scenes to share Michelle’s etiquette secrets.
The White House Goes Glam Rebecca Dana November 23, 2009

Richards swoops in, telling Brian to record something in the town square, and elopes with Anita in his Bentley.
12 Juiciest Bits from Keith Richards’ Memoir The Daily Beast October 26, 2010

Anita Hill, for example, is part Creek, but the narrative about her is entirely about African-American origin.
Why Obama Isn’t America’s First Black President Patricia J. Williams November 7, 2008

Historical Examples

Colonel Fortescue beamed with pride; no other girl at the post had as much solid information as Anita.
Betty at Fort Blizzard Molly Elliot Seawell

The instant she used my nickname, I knew Anita felt that it was important.
Tinker’s Dam Joseph Tinker

The faint zed-light glow had fallen by chance upon Anita’s face.
Astounding Stories of Super-Science April 1930 Various

Fred burst back into the office, with Anita right on his heels.
Tinker’s Dam Joseph Tinker

That same afternoon he and the joyful Anita presented themselves in Dean Street, with their few belongings.
The Intriguers William Le Queux


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