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Ant hill

a mound of earth, leaves, etc., formed by a colony of ants in digging or constructing their underground nest.
Historical Examples

Without saying more, I merely begged him to mount upon the ant hill and look toward M’rooli.
In the Heart of Africa Samuel White Baker

Lads of Zuñi took my egg and hatched it under a turkey hen, at the ant hill.
The Trail Book Mary Austin

On the ground before him was something that looked like an ant hill.
Planet of the Gods Robert Moore Williams

Hopalong began to itch and he saw that he was near an ant hill.
Hopalong Cassidy’s Rustler Round-Up Clarence Edward Mulford

Like ants, the players swarmed toward him; the whole playing court, indeed, was curiously like an ant hill.
The Boy Scouts of Lakeville High Leslie W. Quirk

The camp had been like an ant hill all during that month of holidays.
The Carter Girls’ Week-End Camp Nell Speed

On Sunday we gathered on the side of an ant hill, in the shade of some trees, and here a much larger number came for services.
South and South Central Africa H. Frances Davidson

There was a crude ladder running up the side of the ant hill.
The Forest of Mystery James H. Foster

I have, however, seen lions miles from game, slumbering peacefully atop an ant hill.
The Land of Footprints Stewart Edward White

Hundreds of them were coming from the ant hill and were flying off.
Planet of the Gods Robert Moore Williams

a mound of soil, leaves, etc, near the entrance of an ants’ nest, carried and deposited there by the ants while constructing the nest
a mound of earth, usually about 2 metres high, built up by termites in forming a nest

late 13c., from ant + hill.


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