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discrimination against or prejudice or hostility toward Jews.
Contemporary Examples

What was the deal with this rather stunning accusation—presented without a byline—of anti-Semitism at the vaunted magazine?
Michael Goldfarb Doesn’t Care About Facts Ali Gharib February 24, 2013

Why is it that we have had so much trouble uttering one simple word: “anti-Semitism”?
Naming Europe’s New Anti-Semitism Bernard-Henri Lévy June 9, 2014

Is it anti-Semitism, or are less insidious cultural forces at work?
Why Was Bess Myerson the First and Last Jewish Miss America? Emily Shire January 6, 2015

So instead of combining anti-Semitism with anti-Zionism, Murdoch combined anti-Semitism with super-Zionism.
Why Is the Conservative Press Defending Murdoch? Peter Beinart November 19, 2012

It would be as absurd to accuse me of anti-Semitism for alluding to the fact that the Rothschilds or Warburgs were Jews.
Niall Ferguson Responds to the Blogospherse David Frum May 7, 2013

Historical Examples

The only other country in Europe in which a legalized anti-Semitism exists is Rumania.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 2, Slice 2 Various

anti-Semitism would be simply ridiculous if it were not so terribly in earnest.
Zionism and Anti-Semitism Max Simon Nordau

The old Junker anti-Semitism received a great impulse from the collapse of thrones which followed the Armistice of 1918.
The myth of the Jewish menace in world affairs Lucien Wolf

Another of Chesterton’s intellectual aberrations is his anti-Semitism.
G. K. Chesterton, A Critical Study Julius West

He took a worthy part in the struggle against anti-Semitism.
Some Jewish Witnesses For Christ Rev. A. Bernstein, B.D.


also antisemitism, 1881, from German Antisemitismus, first used by Wilhelm Marr (1819-1904) German radical, nationalist and race-agitator, who founded the Antisemiten-Liga in 1879; see anti- + Semite.

Not etymologically restricted to anti-Jewish theories, actions, or policies, but almost always used in this sense. Those who object to the inaccuracy of the term might try Hermann Adler’s Judaeophobia (1882). Anti-Semitic (also antisemitic) and anti-Semite (also antisemite) also are from 1881, like anti-Semitism they appear first in English in an article in the “Athenaeum” of Sept. 31, in reference to German literature.
anti-Semitism [(an-tee-sem-uh-tiz-uhm, an-teye-sem-uh-tiz-uhm)]

Prejudice or hatred against Jews, a Semitic race. (See Arab-Israeli conflict and Nazis.)


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