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Anti subsidy

a direct pecuniary aid furnished by a government to a private industrial undertaking, a charity organization, or the like.
a sum paid, often in accordance with a treaty, by one government to another to secure some service in return.
a grant or contribution of money.
money formerly granted by the English Parliament to the crown for special needs.
noun (pl) -dies
a financial aid supplied by a government, as to industry, for reasons of public welfare, the balance of payments, etc
(English history) a financial grant made originally for special purposes by Parliament to the Crown
any monetary contribution, grant, or aid

late 14c., from Anglo-French subsidie, from Old French subside “help, aid, contribution,” from Latin subsidium “help, aid, assistance, (military) reinforcements,” from sub “behind, near” (see sub-) + sedere “to sit” (see sedentary).

A grant made by a government to some individual or business in order to maintain an acceptable standard of living or to stimulate economic growth.


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