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an act or instance of .
the state of being ; destruction.
something that or overthrows.
Contemporary Examples

Or Spike Jones cracks me up with his subversion of The Nutcracker.
Christmas Music Sucks (Mostly), but Here’s a Playlist of Holiday Gems Malcolm Jones December 6, 2012

But first, Chicago delegates discussed pressing issues of the day, from Communist subversion to the ongoing Korean War.
6 Democrat & Republican Convention Fails Nina Strochlic August 25, 2012

It will be a tough task and will likely prompt yet more Russian aggression or subversion.
Pro-Russian Protesters in East Ukraine Laugh at Kiev’s Threats David Patrikarakos April 8, 2014

This was damage control for a man who only quit bullying and lying and subversion of the law when he finally got cornered.
You’re Over, Lance Armstrong Buzz Bissinger January 17, 2013

Is subversion on the horizon or will Black Jesus sacrifice a historically political concept for the sake of a stoner comedy?
‘Black Jesus’ Resurrected: Racial Stereotypes or Subversive Comedy? Rawiya Kameir August 7, 2014

Historical Examples

We always combine with the subversion of the old government the happy settlement which followed.
The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. IV. (of 12) Edmund Burke

They desire not to be present at the subversion of all Nature.
History of the Conflict Between Religion and Science John William Draper

What, but its subversion, its disseverment, by its own internal antagonism?
The Right of American Slavery True Worthy Hoit

Here; there is no movement in Europe except in France, and here it will always be a movement of subversion.
Endymion Benjamin Disraeli

From thence it is but one step to the subversion of all property.
Selections from the Speeches and Writings of Edmund Burke Edmund Burke

the act or an instance of subverting or overthrowing a legally constituted government, institution, etc
the state of being subverted; destruction or ruin
something that brings about an overthrow

late 14c., “physical destruction, demolition, ruination,” from Old French subversion, from Late Latin subversionem (nominative subversio) “an overthrow, ruin, destruction,” from past participle stem of subvertere (see subvert).


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