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a liquid used in the radiator of an internal-combustion engine to lower the of the cooling medium.
Contemporary Examples

The cinnamon-flavored swill has been recalled in Europe over a chemical found in antifreeze.
Europeans Recall Fireball Whiskey Over a Sweetener Also Used in Antifreeze Tim Mak October 27, 2014

Propylene glycol as a liquid, he told me, is “similar to antifreeze.”
My (Electronic) Cigarette Addiction Eli Lake January 30, 2013

Here I was thinking I was cheating death when I was more likely inhaling Chinese-made antifreeze.
My (Electronic) Cigarette Addiction Eli Lake January 30, 2013

Propylene glycol, on the other hand, is used to reduce the toxicity of antifreeze.
My (Electronic) Cigarette Addiction Eli Lake January 30, 2013

That said, propylene glycol is different from the antifreeze used in cars, which is considered more toxic and not safe.
My (Electronic) Cigarette Addiction Eli Lake January 30, 2013

a liquid, usually ethylene glycol (ethanediol), added to cooling water to lower its freezing point, esp for use in an internal-combustion engine

also anti-freeze; 1913 (adj.), 1935 as a noun; from anti- + freeze.


Heroin (Narcotics)


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