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any person.
a person of some importance:
If you’re anybody, you’ll receive an invitation.
anybody’s guess, a matter of conjecture:
It’s anybody’s guess why she quit.
Contemporary Examples

We never imagined, it never occurred to us that anybody would consider it violent.
Palin’s Other Arizona ‘Targets’ Shushannah Walshe January 9, 2011

“As anybody who has followed the fiscal discussions knows, a change of this magnitude is very significant,” Bellows said.
Treasury’s $2 Trillion Man David A. Graham August 7, 2011

Granted, these are very minimal requirements–how could anybody support access to guns for people on the no-fly list?
Gun Owners Say They Want More Controls, a GOP Pollster Says Eleanor Clift July 26, 2012

Tupac must have been more surprised than anybody that he could possibly have become friends with the white killer from his poem.
Tupac Shakur’s Race-Killer Prison Pal Talks Michael Daly July 28, 2014

Rochelle Sterling is trying to say that anybody who thinks she should not be banned along with her husband is a sexist.
Killed by Donald Sterling’s Racism Michael Daly May 13, 2014

Historical Examples

Buck, more surely than anybody else, he could never forgive.
The Golden Woman Ridgwell Cullum

In his sane moments he did not care a fig for anybody’s birthday.
Viviette William J. Locke

anybody can see that we’re playing all round you simply because we’ve got the best team.
Rival Pitchers of Oakdale Morgan Scott

Young Ried could have told you more of him during these days than anybody else.
Ester Ried Yet Speaking Isabella Alden

anybody ever tell you about the fight Bob had with Bandy Walker?
The Fighting Edge William MacLeod Raine

any person; anyone
(usually used with a negative or a question) a person of any importance: he isn’t anybody in this town
noun (pl) -bodies
(often preceded by just) any person at random; no matter who

c.1300, ani-bodi, from any + body. One-word form is attested by 1826. Phrase anybody’s game (or race, etc.) is from 1840.


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