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to fill or overcome with horror, consternation, or fear; dismay:
He was appalled by the damage from the fire. I am appalled at your mistakes.
Historical Examples

The rest of the trail was a puzzle, indeed, but it presently ceased to appal.
The Kindred of the Wild Charles G. D. Roberts

The sudden face of death might appal me for a moment, but the fear is over.
The Last Days of Pompeii Edward George Bulwer-Lytton

I can imagine an examination paper which might appal many fat graduates.
A Tramp’s Notebook Morley Roberts

The scene, however, was still terrific, and sufficient to appal the stoutest heart.
Hildebrand Anonymous

They appal, they create astonishment, but they do not attract.
The Alps Martin Conway

My existence is sadly cold and stern, and full of horrors that appal.
The Lady of the Shroud Bram Stoker

It was a spectacle of wretchedness sufficient to appal common men.
Recollections with the Third Iowa Regiment Seymour D. (Seymour Dwight) Thompson

Being “broke” did not appal him, nor the loss of a job fill him with quaking.
Blue Goose Frank Lewis Nason

Nothing could appal the mind so much as the contemplation of eternal solitude.
Australia Twice Traversed, The Romance of Exploration Ernest Giles

He stood as one apart—a lonely watcher whom no danger could appal.
The Tidal Wave and Other Stories Ethel May Dell

verb -pals, -palling, -palled (US) -palls, -palling, -palled
(transitive) to fill with horror; shock or dismay

also appal, early 14c., “to fade;” c.1400, “to grow pale,” from Old French apalir “become or make pale,” from a- “to” (see ad-) + palir “grow pale,” from Latin pallere (see pallor). Meaning “cause dismay or shock,” is 1530s. Related: Appalled; appalling.


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