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a dry spirit, especially of Scandinavia, made from redistilled grain or potato alcohol and usually flavored with caraway seeds.
Contemporary Examples

This fancy spice pack pairs with four different spirits—vodka, tequila, aquavit, and gin—to ensure the perfect morning pick-me-up.
The Daily Beast’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Don Draper in Your Life Allison McNearney November 28, 2014

Historical Examples

Just as we were driving off, a brilliantly original idea occurred to him, and he said, Come in and taste my aquavit.
Three in Norway James Arthur Lees

So John pursued his advantage by inquiring, Have you any aquavit?
Three in Norway James Arthur Lees

This morning he came into our room after breakfast, with a bottle of aquavit in his hand wherewith to drink our health.
Three in Norway James Arthur Lees

The weather was so unpleasant, and Bluebeard and his aquavit were so engaging, that we decided not to leave here till to-morrow.
Three in Norway James Arthur Lees

a grain- or potato-based spirit from the Scandinavian countries, flavoured with aromatic seeds and spices, esp caraway Also called akvavit


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