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a port and resort in E Scotland, in Angus: scene of the barons of Scotland’s declaration of independence to Pope John XXII in 1320. Pop: 22 785 (2001)
Historical Examples

The Tender left her moorings at the Rock this morning for arbroath, with such of the artificers as could be spared.
An Account of the Bell Rock Light-House Robert Stevenson

The captain and all the crew but himself were from arbroath, in Scotland.
Footprints of Former Men in Far Cornwall Robert S. Hawker

A fast rowing boat was dispatched to arbroath for this useful implement, a diagram of which will be seen in Plate X.
An Account of the Bell Rock Light-House Robert Stevenson

Last week I heard of a captain who sailed from Aberdeen to arbroath.
Dog Stories from the “Spectator” Various

Mr. arbroath’s away for ‘is life wi’ old Nick in full chase arter ‘im!
The Treasure of Heaven Marie Corelli

Shipbuilding is carried on at Dundee, arbroath and Montrose.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 10, Slice 6 Various

Most beautiful are the cliffs of arbroath, a scene of Scott’s ‘Antiquary.’
Story of My Life, volumes 1-3 Augustus J. C. Hare

arbroath gave an impatient exclamation, and again addressed Mary.
The Treasure of Heaven Marie Corelli

We talked to no one else in arbroath, except to a pessimistic stationer.
Our Journey to the Hebrides Joseph Pennell and Elizabeth Robins Pennell

Something more than a partiality for the novelist takes me now and then to the scene of the antiquary—Aberbrothock, or arbroath.
Notes and Queries, Number 240, June 3, 1854 Various


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